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2023 - P27 Round 10


Two races in a row without rain! A week ago, the J Day was nice and sunny and this past Sunday we had sunshine again. Round 10 of the P27 Off-Road Series was held at Winchester Speed Park in Winchester, NH. The weather and track conditions were awesome!

Team Riders:

Kyle Sackett #253 – C Vet – I am still sore I was type this. I was in one battle or another for an hour straight. Each time I went through the finish line, the position counter said something different. I remember the first four laps reading 12th, 8th, 11th, 9th, and it was like that the whole time. I had one BIG moment on lap one when I misjudged a table to single. Thankfully Factory Connection had already done their magic and the suspension soaked it right up. I did my best to minimize mistakes and keep moving forward and ended up 9th overall.

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