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2023 - J Day Round 8 & 9


This past weekend J Day Off-Road was in Minot, ME for the annual double header race at Hemond’s MX. The weather was good, and then bad, and then good again. Mother nature didn’t seem to know what she was doing. Either way, there was so much rain prior to the race that there was flowing water and very deep mud in some spots before the race even started.

Team Riders:

Brandon Gregoire #913 – Pro 125 & AA – Brandon had a stellar weekend! He was riding the wheels off his bikes. Literally in AA moto 1 on Saturday he finished 3rd after riding most of the race with a flat rear tire. He was mixing it up with top talent from Supercross and GNCC like Zach Osborne and Bubz Tasha. On Saturday in Pro 125 he went 3-5 for 3rd overall and in AA he went 3-2 for 2nd overall. On Sunday Brandon skipped the 125 class to focus on the big class. We would say that it paid off. He finished 1-2 for 1st overall.

Nate Marr #84 – A Open – Nate also had a killer weekend. He was able to execute some good starts and keep clear (ish) vision in the mud. He also rode very smart and kept pushing where he could but minimized mistakes where the track was very slick. On Saturday Nate finished 6-11 for 7th overall and on Sunday he finished 2-5 for 4th overall.

Colton McQuarrie #34 – Supermini – Colton had the YZ85 screaming like he usually does, especially on Sunday. This class is so much fun to watch because it’s amazing to see what they can do on the smaller bikes. The future of off-road is definitely bright with the talent that is in this class. On Saturday Colton finished 3-3 for 3rd overall and on Sunday he finished 3-2 for 2nd overall.

Jon Gagnon #105 – A Vet – Jon will be the first to admit that he is not the best in the mud. He was not overly excited when he lined up this weekend. But he kept his head down and kept charging. On Saturday Jon finished 9-10 for 8th overall.

Jared Drouin #333 – A Vet – Jared had some tough luck in the first moto. He went down in the mud and landed hard on his right wrist. Even though it was tough to twist the throttle, Jared finished both motos. He went 14-12 for 13th overall.

Kyle Sackett #253 – C Vet – I was able to make the trip to Maine on Saturday and play in the mud. Despite getting soaked and getting literally everything I brought covered in mud, I had a lot of fun. My results weren’t anything special, but I was able to stay upright most of the time and didn’t break anything. I finished 11-8 for 9th overall.

Lucas Caron #512 – A 250 – Lucas wasn’t at the J Day but he did race the NETRA in New Hartford, CT. It was rocky, rooty, muddy, technical, and 2 hours long. Lucas rode awesome and finished 3rd overall.

Thank you for reading and supporting the team. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get photos of all the riders due to the rain. Give LBR Moto a follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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