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2023 - J Day Round 7


I hope everyone is enjoying the little bit of sunshine that we’re having while I type this. I know this might be surprising, but the race this past Sunday at MX207 in Maine was a mud fest. It poured so bad that they cancelled the second motos. There were several road washouts and closures in the region. It actually made it tricky for several of the team members to get home after the race.

Team Riders:

Brandon Gregoire #913 – Pro 125 & AA – Brandon had a good start on the 125. He said that he felt great for the first lap. Then the chain guide broke and caused him to have to end the race early. He was on a borrowed 250 for the AA race. Brandon had a pretty solid moto for those conditions, on an unfamiliar bike, and in a class stacked with very fast riders. In Pro 125 he 9th overall and in AA he finished 6th overall.

Nate Marr #84 – A Open – Nate an awesome race. He got a good start, rode smart and stayed upright and out of the mud, then he pushed hard towards the end of the moto. Nate finished 3rd overall.

Jared Drouin #333 – A Vet – Jared had a good day. He didn’t make any mistakes or try any crazy lines or passes. Jared rode well and got a good finish. He finished 8th overall.

Kyle Sackett #253 – C Vet – I actually had a decent start for a change. Which is why I was so frustrated when my bike started to run so badly not long into the first lap. Despite feeling like I could run faster, and not really being able to challenge anyone for position, I still had a lot of fun playing in the mud. I finished 9th overall.

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