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2023 - J Day Round 2 & 3


The first double header race weekend of the season was held over the weekend. Unadilla MX in New Berlin, NY hosted rounds 2 and 3 for J Day Off-Road. Conditions were 100% better than the endless rain and mud that riders, track crew, and fans had to endure in round 1. The sunny weather made for some great racing on Mother’s Day weekend.

Team Riders:

Nate Marr #84 – Pro 125 & A Open – Nate had a consistent mid-pack race weekend. He knows he has more speed, he just needs a little luck on his side to put the pieces together. When asked how the weekend went, he said, “The weekend went like $***, got my teeth kicked in and did my first front flip… did not land it.” Nate’s teeth are fine, he was just using an expression and be on the lookout for him to be moving up in the results as the season goes on. Day 1: Pro 125 24-20 for 21st overall and A Open 20-22 for 20th overall. Day 2: A Open 19-21 for 20th overall.

Jon Gagnon #105 – A Open – Jon had a solid weekend and the results show improvement throughout the weekend. “The weekend went good. I didn’t place as well as I hoped but that seemed to be how it was. A Open was stacked,” Gagnon said. He is going to keep his nose to the grind stone and keep improving. Day 1: 24-23 for 23rd overall. Day 2: 17-18 for 16th overall.

Jared Drouin #333 – A Open – This is Jared’s first year in the A classes and his first race that wasn’t a mud bog. Very good results considering how deep the field was. Day 1: 30-27 for 27th overall. Day 2: 26-22 for 24th overall.

Colton McQuarrie #34 – Super Mini – Colton had his hands full all weekend. The 11 year old is adapting really well to the big wheel and he is holding his own against riders that are a few years older than him and have seasons of experience on these bikes. Day 1: 3-4 for 4th overall. Day 2: 1-3 for 2nd overall.

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