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2023 - J Day Round 12


The J Day Off-Road series and the LBR Moto team found themselves in Lempster, NH at NHMX for round 12. Rain was in the forecast but luckily it held off and the track conditions were good. The track was a fast one. Here is how the riders did.

Team Riders:

Brandon Gregoire #913 – Pro 125 & AA – Brandon was flying! It seemed like his goal on the 125 was to see how much abuse the reed valves could take and hold it wide open the entire race. He has been playing with setup on his YZ250 and is getting it dialed in. He had a great day racing. In Pro 125 he went 1-1 for 1st overall and in AA he went 5-2 for 3rd overall.

Nate Marr #84 – A Open – Nate admittedly struggled with the opening laps of the race. His starts were ok, but it took a little bit for him to get into a rhythm. Either way he kept moving and had a very solid result. He finished 5-5 for 5th overall.

Colton McQuarrie #34 – Supermini – Colton did what he does and rode great. He had a lot of speed and a lot of consistency. Colton ended up finishing 3-3 for 3rd overall.

Jon Gagnon #105 – A Vet – Jon had a good day racing, and this is what he had to say about it, “I felt awesome on the moto track, but a little slow in the woods. I smoked a tree in the 1st moto which put me back.” He finished 10-8 for 9th overall.

Jared Drouin #333 – A Vet – Jared looked good on track and was carrying a lot of speed. Unfortunately, he went down and landed on his right wrist, which upset an old injury. It also effected his throttle input and ability to hold onto the bars. He kept pushing as much as he was able but had a few big moments because of it so he backed off. Jared finished 12-10 for 11th overall.

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