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2023 - J Day Round 10

Good Morning,

This past Sunday, J Day Off-Road traveled to Crow Hill MX in Baldwinville, MA. The biggest surprise of the weekend was the rain. There wasn’t any! The conditions were great for racing and here is how it went.

Team Riders:

Brandon Gregoire #913 – Pro 125 & AA – Brandon had his fair share of troubles on race day. He lost compression in his 125 and had to pull off the track and his 250 setup just didn’t seem to agree with the track and the pace he was trying to run. Despite that, he was still very fast and fought until the end. Pro 125 he went 2-10 for 6th overall and in AA he went 4-4 for 4th overall.

Nate Marr #84 – A Open – Nate has had everything so dialed for the mud that I almost think the dry track caught him off guard a little. Marr had great battles for the duration of both motos. He finished 6-6 for 5th overall.

Colton McQuarrie #34 – Supermini – This was Colton’s first race with his new Supermini motor, and boy what a difference. Colton used every bit of the newfound horsepower and fought up front for the whole race. He finished 2-1 for 1st overall.

Jon Gagnon #105 – A Vet – Jon was not feeling 100% on the morning of race day. He didn’t let that stop him though. He lined up, put his head down, and managed a very solid race. Jon finished 10-8 for 8th overall.

Jared Drouin #333 – A Vet – Jared had a rough couple of motos. He was doing great in moto 1, until the rocks reached up and grabbed him. He came back to the pits pretty bruised up but ok. The second moto, the rocks didn’t get him, but the trees did. He finished the race and didn’t break anything. I bet he was very sore on Monday morning though. Jared finished 11-11 for 12th overall.

Kyle Sackett #253 – C Vet – I had a lot of fun in both motos. I found myself in a few multi-lap battles. I had a great start in moto 2 but I just couldn’t seem to find a flow and get going for part of the first lap. Finally, I loosened up and moved forward. I finished 8-12 for 8th overall.

Thanks for reading!

Yes...that appears to be Sasquatch in the woods behind Nate.

Kyle Sackett

LBR Moto

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