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2023 - GNCC Round 9 & P27 Round 8


This weekend marked two races that are benchmarks for their respective series. The first being the Snowshoe GNCC in West Virgina. Known for its beautiful views, rugged terrain, and brutal track, it always delivers some great racing. The second event is the Winchester Speed Park round of P27 Off-Road. It was one of the first venues to host a P27 race and the ever-changing motocross track make for some great lines and great battles.

Team Riders:

Colton McQuarrie #34 – 85 Big Wheel (11-15) – Colton had a great race. He got a good start and lead every lap up until the last one. While navigating a slippery rock garden that was covered with mud (Surprise! There was another mud race) he slid out and bent the shift lever. His bike was stuck in second gear but he was able to remount and push until the finish line. Colton finished in a hard-fought 3rd.

Kyle Sackett #253 – C Vet – What was supposed to be a rainy day turned out to be very sunny, hot, and humid. I had never ridden at Winchester before and unfortunately my start was really bad. I would guess I was outside of the top 20 and I couldn’t see anything through all the dust. After the 1st lap I had a better idea of what to expect and picked up the pace. I pushed myself for the rest of the hour-long moto, had some great battles, and had a lot of fun. I crossed the finish line in 7th.

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