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2022 J Day - Round 8 & 9

Hello, I hope everything is going good. We are now over half way through the 2022 J Day Off-Road season. The series visited Hemonds MX in Minot Maine for a double header before the summer break. Here is how it played out. Team Riders: Nate Marr - Pro 125 / A Open - #84 - Day 1 - The track on Saturday was brutal. There was a lot of very fine dirt that covered all of the rocks and roots and hiding them from sight until you hit them. Nate had a solid race on his 125 against a stacked class and finished 13-10 for 12th overall in Pro 125. Nate was flying on his 250. It looked like he was on rails, even with all the moon dust covering the track. Nate had a great race and he finished 5-2 for 2nd overall in A Open. Day 2 - On Sunday Nate had some good battles in the 125 class but wanted to save his energy and focus on the Open class. He finished 9-DNS for 12th overall in Pro 125. Shooting for another podium, Nate gave it his all and had a great first moto. The second moto showed Nate a bit of bad luck. He had a bad start and then got t but he kept digging and had a great race. Unfortunately, he missed the podium by 1 spot. He finished 2-5 for 4th overall in A Open. Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - Day 1 - Jon had a great race despite a few little bobbles and one big one that sent him for a trip over the bars in the second moto. He got back up and kept his head down and finished 9-11 for 10th overall. Day 2 - Knowing that he rode tight the day before, Jon went into day 2 focusing on making improvements. He rode hard and had 2 solid motos. Jon finished 9-8 for 7th overall. Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Day 1 - Like a lot of the other racers, Jared struggled with the endless dust in his first moto but he kept pushing. After a couple of adjustments he was able to fell a little more confident in his second moto. He finished 10-8 for 9th overall. Day 2 - This weekend was also the first race that Jared's son had ever entered in. After 2 early mornings of chasing a PW50 around the track on foot and racing himself, Jared was exhausted. Once the races got going he got a little more energy and was consistent on both days. Jared finished 10-8 for 9th overall. Support Riders: Mike Gagnon - B 200 - #103 - Day 1 - This was Mikes first race since he had surgery due to and injury sustained earlier this season. He had an awesome first race back and finished 8-8 for 7th overall. Day 2 was not in the cards after a mechanical issue in moto 1. Colton McQuarrie - Mini A - #34 - Colton did what he does best and won. He won everything that he lined up for on both days. He won the overall on day 1 and 2. Awesome job Colton! Cory Desrochers - B Vet - #556 - Day 1 - Cory had some good starts and some great battles with Jared. He ended up finishing 11-11 for 10th overall. Day 2 - It seemed like Cory and Jared had magnets on their bikes. Every lap they were right with each other for both motos. Cory finished 9-7 for 7th overall. Tyler Clattenburg - C Vet - #677 - Tyler could only race on Day 1. And for not really having much time to practice before the race, I would say he really made it count. Tyler finished 18-10 for 13th overall. Bradley Drouin - PeeWee Squirt - #333 - Bradley just turned 4 a couple weeks ago, so he is now eligible to race. This weekend was his first ever race and he had a blast. He said the track was hard but he muscled his PW50 around it and was all smiles. I think we are going to see him at many more races in the future. Thanks for reading. We are looking forward to the next race on 8/21 in New Hampshire.

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