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2022 J Day - Round 10


I hope you had a great weekend. This past Sunday was Round 10 of the 2022 J Day Off-Road Season. This was the first of 2 races that will be held in our home state of New Hampshire. Luckily the weather was nice but the track was very dry and dusty.

Team Riders: Nate Marr - Pro 125 / A Open - #84 - Nate got married on Saturday so we used this race as his drop for the season. Congratulations Nate and Mel! Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - Jon was part of Nate's wedding party. He came to the track with his bike and gear but was feeling a little sluggish, so we used this as his drop weekend too. Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Jared had a long morning chasing his son Bradley around in the PeeWee race. Luckily he saved some of his energy for his own race. He had a solid first moto and a great second moto, coming from the back of the pack up to 6th. Jared finished 11-6 for 9th overall. Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - I hadn't raced in quite a while, and figured I should at least take part in the races in NH. In moto 1 my bike didn't start on the first kick and I started dead last. I put my head down, tried to minimize mistakes, and I was able to fight my past 16 riders. I had a much better start in moto 2 but on the first lap I got center hung on a stump and was stuck for what seemed like forever. I struggled with a few line choices but still did ok. I finished 14-18 for 16th overall. Bradley Drouin - PeeWee Squirt - #333 - Since he turned 4 about a month ago, Bradley has been going to the races with dad and taking part in the action. Each race he learns some new skills and lessons. This was his 3rd race but he 1st race with the new graphics to match his dad's bike. Support Riders: Cory Desrochers - B Vet - #556 - Cory had some good starts and was very smooth and consistent on the track. He finished 7-8 for 7th overall. Colton McQuarrie - Mini A - #34 - Colton was able to check off another win and made his way back into the points lead. Colton finished 1-1 for 1st overall.

Thanks for reading!

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