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2022 J Day - Round 1

Hello, I hope you're having a great morning. The 2022 J Day season has begun and it was again kicked off at MX338 in Southwick, Massachusetts. The weather was beautiful and the track conditions were great. Not too much dust but not muddy either. In typical Southwick fashion, by the end of the day the track was rutted and rough but still a lot of fun. Team Riders: Nate Marr - Pro 125 / A Open - #84 - Nate's season is off to a great start. He is running 2 classes this year which is a lot of track time. Nate survived 4 30 minute motos at Southwick of all places. He got some solid finishes and is ready to keep digging. Nate finished 17-12 for 14th overall in Pro 125 and 12-12 for 13th overall in Open A. Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - While cross training on his BMX bike, Jon separated his right shoulder a couple of weeks ago. We weren't exactly sure how it would hold up but he was able to push and battle the entire race. Gagnon was able to maintain a very quick pace and even finished with both arms still attached. Jon went 9-5 for 7th overall. Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Despite not getting the best start, Jared had a great first moto. He was on par to repeat or better his finish in moto 2 until a tree root ripped his foot off the peg and tweaked his knee and back. Jared toughed it out and finished 9-19 for 13th overall. Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - Although I'm not the fastest rider on the track, I figured that I have a bike and I'm going to be at the race anyway so I might as well spin a few laps and knock some of the rust off. This year's season opener went a lot better for me than last year's. Not much to report really other than I finished 18-19 for 19th overall. Support Riders: Mike Gagnon - B 200 - #103 - Mikey had a great race. He finished 2-2 for 2nd overall. Cory Desrochers - B Vet - #556 - Cory had a solid day for the first race bumping up a class. He finished 12-9 for 10th overall. Colton McQuarrie - Mini A - #34 - Colton has been killing it this year! So far he has won 5 GNCC races in a row and he finished 1-1 for 1st overall. Thank you so much for the support. I am glad that the season is underway and we know where we stand with the competition and know what we need to work on. Thank You, Kyle Sackett LBR Moto
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