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2021 J Day - Round 8 & 9

Hello, It feels like forever since the last J Day update. This past weekend we found ourselves in Minot Maine at Hemond's MX for a double header of J Day Off-Road. The weekend was packed with lots of racing, sunshine on Saturday, rain on Sunday and unfortunately for us, the loudest neighbors the pits could offer all weekend. Without further delay, here's how the racing went. Team Riders: Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - Saturday - Jon's moto 1 start wasn't the greatest and the other riders immediately took advantage. Jon and the other riders around him settled into a groove and there wasn't too much battling. Much better start in moto 2 but had a couple small incidents that dropped him back. Still a very good ride going 10-7 for 9th overall. Sunday - After the partying neighbors kept everyone awake until past 2 am, the pouring rain and feeling a bit sore from the incidents in moto 2 from the day before, Jon decided not to race on Sunday and he helped Jared in the pits. Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Saturday - Jared continues picking up speed and consistency as the season goes on. Battling right from the get go Jared had some great motos. Even though some of the deep ruts may have gotten the better of him in moto 2 Jared had a good race finishing 7-15 for 11th overall. Sunday - Apparently Jared likes to play in the mud, because there was plenty of it and he had a great race! Jared finished 13-7 for 9th overall. Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - Saturday - With a new suspension setup from Factory Connection my bike was feeling better than ever! It was actually a little difficult to get used to and be able to trust the bike but once I did it was very easy to ride. However, my luck had different plans. A bad start in moto 1 meant that I had my work cut out for me. The first time I crossed the finish line I was in 30th. On the last lap I made a terrible line choice in the woods and fell over in the mud which jammed around my shifter. After what felt like forever I was up and going again. My start in moto 2 was much better but in the first corner I was hit from behind by two other bikes that were tangled together. I entered the woods almost last. I put my head down and rode from around 43rd to 29th. I finished 25-29 for 26th overall. Sunday - The neighbors and very little sleep struck again. With my girlfriend Laura getting sick early Sunday morning and not feeling the greatest myself, I decided to call it and not line up. Support Riders: Nate Marr - A 200 - #84 - Saturday - Nate had a good race on a track that demands a lot out of a 125. He finished 9-8 for 8th overall. Sunday - Nate had an awesome mud race also. He finished 6-3 for 4th overall. Colton McQuarrie - Mini B - #34 - Saturday - Colton certainly wasn't just sitting on the couch over the break. He kept his momentum rolling, won fastest lap for mini b and finished 1-1 for 1st overall. Sunday - the mud and rain didn't slow Colton down a bit. Again he finished 1-1 for 1st overall. Cory Desrochers - C Vet - #556 - Saturday - Cory had a good race coming back from the break. He finished 6-7 for 7th overall. Sunday - Cory's first moto started while the rain was at its worst. He struggled a little bit in the deep mud but when the track dried just a bit he did a lot better. Cory finished 12-3 for 7th overall. Tyler Clattenburg - C Vet - #677 - Tyler couldn't stay for the whole weekend but he came up on Saturday and had his best J Day result yet. He finished 21-11 for 14th overall. This race was right in the middle of the summer break so there is about another month until our next scheduled race. We will see you then!

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