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2021 J Day - Round 4


This past Sunday the J Day Series moved out of Massachusetts for the first of two rounds in New Hampshire. This race was held at NHMX in Lempster, NH. The big news for LBR Moto leading into the weekend is that Jon Gagnon would have to move up to A Vet class because of promotional points accumulated so far this season and last season. Here is how everything went.

Team Riders:

Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - No one really knew what to expect for Jon's first race in A. He was happy to have earned a spot in the class but also bummed out to not be able to continue the fight for the championship in B. Jon had an incredible race and he fought hard to finish 3-5 for 4th overall. Looks like hes going to do just fine in A class after all.

Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Jared had an awesome race going but his bad luck continued with a couple bobbles and then a badly twisted knee. Jared was making the move to break into the top 10 in his second moto when he injured his knee. Jared finished 7-27 for 16th overall.

Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - I had some bad luck of my own in both motos. The first involved tangling with another rider while we were both trying to squeeze between two trees. That resulted in a hand guard being broken in half. The second incident was caused by nicking a tree and with no hand guards to deflect it, it pulled the bars enough to take me out of my line and square into the next tree. I finished 21-24 for 24th overall.

Support Riders:

Nate Marr - A 200 - #84 - With each ride Nate seems to be getting a little more used to his YZ125 and a little more confident in his class. Nate finished 7-6 for 7th overall.

Colton McQuarrie - Mini B - #34 - Colton had an awesome ride and certainly got some redemption for the mechanical problems he suffered at the last round. Colton finished 1-2 for 2nd overall.

Cory Desrochers - C Vet - #556 - Cory has been racing all season but LBR Moto started giving him some support for this round. Cory had a good race and finished 9-7 for 6th overall.

Thanks for reading!

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