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2021 J Day - Round 2

Good morning,

I hope that you're doing well. This past Sunday the J Day Off-Road Series took us to Crow Hill MX in Baldwinville, MA. It rained most of the day but the track held up well and it wasn't a complete mud-fest. Last years Pro-Vet champion Beau Viens wasn't racing the J Day but he was racing a NETRA event in Connecticut. Here is how it all ended up.

Team Riders:

Jon Gagnon - B Vet - #105 - Jon had good starts in both motos but also had some hurdles to overcome. A second moto crash pushed him back to 10th but he fought hard and ended up finishing 3-3 for 2nd overall.

Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Jared had some vision issues after taking a face full of roost and eventually having to take his goggles off to see at all. Either way he had a solid weekend finishing 13-9 for 10th overall.

Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - I put in quite a bit of work since the last race at Southwick and I was able to move up 11 positions as a result. My goal was top 20 and I finished 20-16 for 17th overall.

Beau Viens - Sportsman - #760 - Without being present at the race I can't offer a lot of information about it. What I can say is that Beau set the fastest lap for all 4 laps and when he finished the 1 hour and 12 minute long race he was 4 full minutes ahead of second place. He was on a mission.

Support Riders:

Nate Marr - A 200 - #84 - Nate just kept grinding away and he said he surprised himself with his finish in the first moto. Nate finished 4-6 for 5th overall.

Colton McQuarrie - Mini B - #34 - I guess Colton decided to make adding up his overall finish very easy. Colton set the fastest lap for every lap in the first moto and set it for the last 2 laps in the second moto. He finished 1-1 for 1st overall and he won the Spectro Youth Award.

Thanks for checking in!

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