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2021 J Day - Round 11


We are right in the thick of fall riding now. Lower temperatures, lower dust and sometimes what seems like endless slippery leaves all over the track. J Day Off-Road returned to New Hampshire for the second time this season. The race was held at The Sandbox in Rumney, NH. Team Riders: Jon Gagnon - A Vet - #105 - Jon had a couple consistent motos but some very inconsistent starts. Shortly after leaving the line in moto 1 he decided to take a quick soil sample. Remounting his bike in a hurry he was able to mount a bit of a charge and make up some positions. Moto 2 went a little better from the get go but with a rougher track and what seemed like a 3 way battle the entire race, Jon finished well but not where he wanted to be. Jon finished 10-10 for 10th overall. Jared Drouin - B Vet - #333 - Jared had a great race! He got an excellent start in the first moto and a pretty good start in the second moto. He battled hard all the way through both and got a good result. During the closing laps of the second moto Jared got stuck behind a slower rider for just a second and 3 riders were able to sneak by him. Jared finished 4-9 for 6th overall. Kyle Sackett - C Vet - #253 - I have a ton on my plate right now getting all the work finished at the shop and getting things ready to leave for snocross at the end of this month so I went as a spectator and support for the other LBR riders. Support Riders: Nate Marr - A 200 - #84 - Nate had some good back and fourth battles in both motos. Nate finished 6-5 for 6th overall. Colton McQuarrie - Mini B - #34 - Colton had a really good day in his last Mini B race. Why is it his last race in Mini B you ask? Because he got his 7th win in a row this weekend and wrapped up the championship with 2 rounds left to go! Colton finished 1-1 for 1st overall and he'll be racing Mini A for the final 2 rounds. Cory Desrochers - C Vet - #556 - Cory had a good race and some good battles, especially in his second moto. Cory narrowly missed the podium finishing 3-4 for 4th overall. Thanks for reading!

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