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2023- J Day Round 5


On Sunday, the Stateline GP was held in Johnsonville, NY. It was round 5 of the 2023 J Day Offroad Series. The track is usually quite technical and has a lot of off camber sections that are riddled with deep ruts, holes, and what seems like endless roots. The area also received a good amount of rain leading up to the race which made for some extremely slippery sections in the woods.

Team Riders:

Nate Marr #84 – A Open – Nate didn’t get the best starts in either of his motos. He quickly went to work and started to march forward to pickoff as many riders as he could and finish inside the top 10. Nate finished 6-9 for 7th overall.

Lucas Caron #513 – A Open – Lucas had a very consistent day. This is his first race back from a shoulder injury. He rode smart and kept the bike off the ground. Lucas looked good on the track and finished 11-11 for 10th overall.

Mike Ryan #284 – B 250 – Mike didn’t have the best start in moto 1. “I saw I was in 13th at the end of the first lap and I said nope, this isn’t going to work.” So, he put his head down and made a big charge for the rest of the race. He kept that moment for moto 2 and finished 5-6 for 5th overall.

Colton McQuarrie #34 – Supermini – Colton was riding like he was trying to break the throttle cable. He was using every bit of power that his bike had. He fought for position up towards the front in both motos. Unfortunately, the top 3 just had a little bit more luck in the mud. Colton finished 4-4 for 4th overall.

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